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We are a small team with global experience and a core focus on delivering business results for our clients. No matter your business arena and style we go beyond the offerings of other agencies by helping you to identify what your business needs and design a strategic plan to achieve this.


We are a complete marketing department you don’t have to have in-house. Our combined global experience allows for us to offer you a comprehensive, flexible and well resourced portable in house marketing department. Our expertise and services will allow for you to up-skill your Company/Project or Brand without the stress of having to micro manage the process. We allow you the freedom to focus on your business whilst we work in it – so that you thrive. Collectively, our abilities are broad and combine to create an efficient and highly specialised offering. Interlocking the entire agencies abilities into any project at any time.

  • Business Strategy

    SFE offers years of experience to help you view and assess your business in a fresh light. Our Business Consulting and Strategy service is not just offered in isolation when we begin working with clients - it is a vital tool we assist clients with to help them grow and develop their business and strategic direction.

  • Branding

    So many businesses create websites, logos, marketing material and more without having the core of their brand - what it stands for, why it was created and what it delivers to people that they can't get elsewhere - properly and thoroughly defined. Without this, a lot of time, effort and money gets wasted. Your core brand is driven by the ‘why’ behind its existence, and SFE are specialists in defining this and ensuring it sits at the heart of all marketing, communications, business strategy and PR activities.

  • Marketing

    The ability to deliver consistency across a company’s marketing and communications as it changes and grows and responds to market demands is a specialised skill. Whether we are working directly with a client as the driver of a total campaign or as part of a larger group of suppliers concentrating on one area, SFE delivers comprehensive marketing and communications strategy and execution for your business.

  • Public Relations

    Many people assume that PR and Media Relations are the same thing - they are not. Your PR - or public relations - covers a range of audiences with whom you and your business interact including your staff, clients, stakeholders, industry and community. Media Relations is about crafting unique angles for the increasingly fragmented media audiences that change almost daily - both online and offline. In order to best represent your business, you need to be clear on the key messages you are sending to these audiences, which can then be communicated to media via newsworthy angles relevant to their and your audiences. SFE are specialists in these areas.

  • Digital Strategy

    A digital presence is important for your business - but what kind of presence will deliver on your business goals? SFE looks at your business holistically and designs a digital strategy that can deliver results through the right channels, to the right audience and with the right content. A digital capabilities go further than strategy, also spanning social media management and execution, user experience design and website review and design recommendation.

  • Creative Execution

    Starting from creative concepts to final execution, SFE can take care of delivering the creative components of your brand, marketing and digital strategy. Our capabilities include creative concepting, copywriting, design, artworking, video filming and editing and animation. We can create brand identities, marketing collateral, brand videos, a full range of web and digital content and more.

  • Production

    SFE's sister production company, Flick Chicks, works with SFE to deliver a range of produced content spanning television commercials, video for online purposes, training and educational videos for government, not-for-profit and corporate sectors, web infomercials/promotional videos for business and content for digital platforms. With a background in entertainment and TV show pilot pitching and development, SFE and Flick Chicks can assist in bringing your idea to life.

  • Export Solutions

    China and South Korea present incredible opportunities for Australian businesses looking to grow internationally. SFE is the sister agency of Cantara Global, an agency specialising in launching western brands in the highly lucrative China and South Korea marketplaces. SFE are an intrinsic element in assessing and overhauling branding and marketing needed to assist the client in exporting and succeeding in a powerful China Marketplace.

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